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fall in love with journaling again | welcome to the happiness bar notion gratitude journal 🌿

Hi all, 
Welcome to #TheHappinessBar! 

A community-led 2021 gratitude journal & self-care devotional built on Notion (featuring self-care tips from you!), with a pop-culture twist 

(but you can start journaling now!)

💨 Orders are rolling in for pre-sale + early-access price ends this Friday November 20th, for launch, so be quick! 

Look forward to journaling and discover self-care tips, submitted by global The Happiness Bar community (that's you!)

Submit your own and tweet me @thenotionbar to be featured! (

This is a great chance for you to:

a) spread some love around the word  b) gain visibility for your brand!

💭 Pre-filled with daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly journal templates with thoughtful prompts. 

🎮 Thanks to Notion's editing capabilities,  for the first time, you're in control, and can customise the prompts to meet you wherever you are on your gratitude journey

🗺️  Desktop & mobile-friendly: never forget your journal at home! 

🎯 Manifest your goals goals, track your mood, sleep, habits, TV shows you binge, easily review your favourite memories from anywhere (save some trees too!)

Find out more at  + take a few seconds to upvote on Product Hunt 🚀

Thanks & see you at the bar!

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