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Your 2021 Adulting Survival Guide (freebies + discounts!)

Happy New Year! 

Firstly, thank you for supporting me last year - I started The Notion Bar as an experiment to see if people would be interested in 'lifestyle-based Notion content' and have been overwhelmed by the response!

Let's face it, 2020 was a less than ideal year for all of us (to put it lightly 😬. ). 

Whether we like it or not, the new year is here and many of us use this as an opportunity to reset our minds and goals. Here's a rundown of my favourite templates, part of my full gallery at to give you a kickstart

If you'd like to be an affiliate for any of my templates (who doesn't loveee passive income), shoot me an email at

Use the discount code thb2021 for 15% off all the paid templates below! 

For writers & daydreamers:

📖  The Happiness Bar Gratitude Journal (paid - 87 downloads! - only 13 early bird price spots left!) : 

- A digital gratitude journal/planner complete with 50+ user-submitted self-care tips from across the globe. 

- Track your mood, sleep, memories, habits & goals while joining our journaling community on Facebook. 

Watch the walkthrough on my YouTube channel HERE

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🗞️  The Notion-Zine (paid - 37 downloads!)

- Tired of single-column scroll? Ten beautiful magazine layouts built on Notion! Whether you have a blog, journal or need to spice up internal documents, this is the template pack for you! 

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For aspiring & current bookworms: 

📚 Personal Reading Roadmap (pay what you can - 112 downloads!) 

- Stop procrastinating/overbuying books (yes, you) ! 

- Plan out what you can 'reasonably' read this year, using Notion's timeline view 

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✊🏽  60 Books about Black British History Notion Template (pay what you can - 26 downloads!) 

- A curated list/workbook of 60 fiction/non-fiction exploring Britain's diverse black history

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For Students:

🍎 Aesthetic Student Template (paid - 33 downloads!)

- Make your friends jealous > create a hub for each semester & ace your goals!

- Track & Organise everything you in need in your 'locker': classes,  templates for all your lecture notes. homework, coursework, exams, review topics & quizzes + overall grade progression

- View it all on your calendar and use Notion backlinks to link all your pages together!

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🎓 Lecture & Class Notes Template (paid - 249 downloads!) 

- A simple semester tracker 

- Track classes, lecture notes, homework, reading and overall grade progression!

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For simplicity-seekers:

🛒 Grocery/Shopping List Manager (pay what you can - 273 downloads!) 

- Never forget the milk again and say bye-bye to crumpled paper lists!

- This app shines on mobile - check things off your 'Need' view, as you travel around the store, and watch them disappear 

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💳  Online Delivery Manager (pay what you can - 78 downloads!) 

- Stop digging for tracking numbers in your emails!

- Track & manage: tracking numbers, overdue items, order numbers, spend per store, wishlist, discount codes & affiliate links 

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For job-seekers: 

💼  Digital CV/Resume (paid - 154 downloads!)

- Fun fact, this template actually secured my current 9-5! 

- Stand-out & show-off your personality to all your future employers!

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I'd love to see how you're all remixing the templates, be sure to tweet me or tag me on Instagram  (@thenotionbar) and I'll share your creations with the world!

Be sure to also let me know if you have any template ideas or want to collab on something/are interested in Notion coaching! 

Looking forward to creating more magical things with you this year! 

All the best, 

Frances Odera Matthews

- Founder of The Notion Bar

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